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Old servers should be replaced with newer models that are designed for maximum efficiency to save energy.

Keep utilization rates high to take greatest advantage of your server’s capabilities.

Server virtualization allows several servers to be housed on one physical machine, which reduces power and cooling needs.

Replace old CRT monitors with flat screens to save electricity and reduce emissions.

Switch to video conferencing tools like Skype to save on travel costs and time.

Join an electronics recycling program to dispose of e-waste, including computers, servers, monitors, and cell phones.

Switch from 1:1 desktops to thin client technology.

Implement technology to manage printing services to eliminate waste of paper, power, and toner/ink.

Hold staff accountable for how much they print. and they will be more selective about.

Migrating systems to the cloud helps you consume only the resources that you really need.

Paying more for optimized equipment can save you money in the long run.

Make green solutions a requirement of your bidding or contract process.

Go wireless and reduce the need for cables and wires.

Allow staff to work from home to save on fuel and other resources.

"Thank you all for a job well done with the successful relocation of our server environment."

"On a condensed timeline, you worked together, combining many disciplines in systems infrastructure to complete a seamless move."

"Thanks to your advance-planning and your ability to handle the unforeseen, you got the environment functional two days early."

“Your engineer quickly attended to our completely dysfunctional netwwork problems yesterday."

"After months of mis-starts, bad advice, and wrong diagnosis, your engineer was able to clean things up in a little over an hour!”

“Our friends at FIT Technologies brought our system up to the 21st century which enabled us to spend more time helping children.”

"My experience with FIT has been nothing but positive."

"FIT's team is extremely tech savvy and reliable. What I really appreciate is the customer service they offer"

"FIT's professional staff have been understanding of our unique needs and supportive of our ambitious vision.”

"This partnership that we’ve created with FIT has enabled us to succeed not only as an educational institution, but as a viable business.”

"We thank the FIT staff for their hard work and care. We are treated professionally and our concerns are handled in a timely manner."

"I am pleased to recommend FIT as an IT partner who understands the needs and complexities of both small and large-scale systems.”

“FIT has been a great partner from assessment through installation and support."

"The staff listened to what we had to say, as reflected in the technology and telecommunications solution that they developed for us."

"The project manager was always on top of things and proactive in communicating with us."

"Tech Support has been great."

"We especially appreciate that there were no big surprises in terms of additional costs or work delays."

"Changes and amendments to the scope of work were presented in a clear and timely manner."

"Our overall experience in working with FIT was very favorable, and we value our ongoing relationship.”

“You have done an excellent job working with us—very attentive and patient."

"You have been AWESOME when we need special requests."

"I like the personal service we receive."

By replacing aging systems, it’s possible to improve output where the new equipment pays for itself.

Factor in power, cooling, and square footage calculations when looking at the ROI of new technology.

A virtual server can do the job of many physical servers on one machine.

Unified communications keep staff engaged from anywhere, allowing for improved customer service.

A good cloud solution can take care of growing storage and security obligations without adding to overhead.

Increase ROI by innovating and upgrading rather than maintaining your existing infrastructure.

Cloud computing can prevent spending on over-provisioning.

If your IT is up to date, hiring in-house tech support could be unnecessary.

Get a professional IT assessment to focus on long-range planning to help prevent spending on items with less ROI.

By outsourcing IT, you gain high-level skills of an IT team without the expense of hiring multiple full-time experts.