E-Rate Services


The federal E-Rate program provides school and libraries discounts on Internet Access and Eligible Broadband Internal Connection Components which include Wi-Fi services. In 2014 the FCC reformed the E-Rate program making significant changes in eligible services and funding to focus on its goal of 1 GBPS Internet Access per 1,000 students/staff and closing the Wi-Fi gap. As one of the largest E-Rate providers in the state, FIT keeps current on E-Rate compliance and eligibility to understand how to best utilize the E-Rate program for the services that the schools and libraries need.

FIT brings exceptional service and years of experience to our customers. As an E-Rate provider since 2002, FIT has served thousands of users in charter schools, EMOs, private schools, and large public districts. With that experience, we have become experts in the technology and eligibility of services for K-12 schools. Our knowledge of IT—combined with our understanding of E-Rate regulations—adds value when providing eligible services and equipment.

In addition, FIT offers services and price advantages on:

Category One

  • Internet Access and VoIP Service (VoIP has limited eligibility through 2020)

Category Two

  • Managed Internal Broadband Services
  • Managed Wi-Fi
  • Eligible Internal Connections Equipment
  • Basic Maintenance of Eligible Internal Connections



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