Phone systems have come a long way, baby.

VoIP, often referred to as IP or Internet telephony, now allows phone systems to run over the Internet instead of over costly traditional land lines. VoIP boasts many options—some include everything from connecting a traditional PBX to VoIP lines, to internally hosted IP Telephone Systems, to cloud based VoIP Services.

If your company is ready for this new technology, FIT partners with AT&T to provide a Cloud Hosted Voice Service (HVS). This service includes all handsets, monthly administration and maintenance plus outbound local and long-distance on a single monthly bill. This solution provides voice services with no upfront charges and eliminates the need for maintenance fees, upgrades, administration and change fees, and dealing with confusing and often incorrect telecomm bills.

If VoIP isn’t in your immediate future, FIT can support your existing phone system with our experience on a variety of systems. We often increase functionality through reconfiguration or training on underutilized features.

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