Wellness Work Awards

Wellness Work Awards


FIT Technologies Honored with
Wellness@Work Grand Prize

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History hosted the annual Wellness@Work Awards to recognize Northern Ohio’s corporations and businesses providing the healthiest work environments and incorporating sustainable practices into the workplace.


FIT Technologies was honored with the Grand Prize for employers with less than 250 employees while the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority took top prize for employers with over 250 staff. The judges were impressed with several components of FIT’s wellness program, including the breadth of benefits and topics, the ability for staff to earn money to offset their insurance premiums, and the strong support of community fitness events.

Co-Founder Michelle Tomallo, who leads the company’s wellness initiatives, said, “We are honored to be recognized and to be part of the wellness movement in our region. The energy we devote to our program has a positive impact on our staff and provides an opportunity for creativity, learning and motivation to improve our lifestyles.” In addition to the grand prize winners, 12 of the 43 finalists were recognized for their wellness initiatives. These first, second and third place winners were announced from four divisions: 1-100 employees, 101-250 employees, 251- 1,000 employees and those with over 1,000 staff. Applications for this award doubled from last year. Read more about the GetFIT Program.